January 28th, 2007



In the end, I didn't visit my parents yesterday. I'm a bad son. Not that that has anything to do with visiting them or not - but I'm not exactly the best one could hope for in an offspring, especially if you were desirous of grandchildren.

But I digress. Instead, I did a bunch of minor shopping. I picked up my new glasses, which have a slightly better prescription, and sit much closer to my eyes. As a result, everything, while sharper, looks... different.

As my idol Lovecraft would put it, the geometry of what I see is abnormal, non-Euclidean, and loathsomely redolent of spheres and dimensions apart from ours.

As some people in the City might put it, everything's clear, it's queer, and it's not going away.

As my man Keanu would put it: Whoa!

I also got a few parts for the PC project, including some new batteries for yesterday's labeler. It takes 5 AAs - I had 4. Slightly frustrating, but no matter.

As I was heading into Nerdvana (Santa Clara branch), I got a call from timenchanter on the subject of dinner. We decided to try out Bombay Garden, which has taken over the location of my beloved Pasand. Darn that whole sex-slave thing.

We had the buffet, which is quite extensive. It was good, if a little on the bland side.

Timmie was opening, so I tagged along to the bar with him, and puttered around. The new TV stand is now put together, so we have one that isn't falling apart for a change. The only down side is that it stands slightly taller than the old one, and so the TV has to be taken off to fit it in the closet. Such is life. It reassembles easily.

I also tried out my other antique B&W TV, since the one I installed has taken to interesting exercises in geometry. I got it looking fairly good, apart from the tendency of the DVD menu to slowly change brightness. After a great deal of fiddling, I discovered that the problem was that the DVD menu slowly changes brightness.

So I played some Red Dwarf on the VCR side, and then when customers started showing up, the Selena concert DVD on the other. All seems good. Also, Selena had one hell of a nice ass.

At that point, I decided to head home before I conked out on the drive. For a change I was in bed and asleep before midnight.

And I pretty much stayed asleep until around 11:00am today. I'm feeling much better - though I'm still phlegmed up. It always takes forever for me to get through this stage.

Today I've been uncharacteristically cleanly. The litter box is clean, and at least a few of the overflow areas have been picked up. My room's trash cans have been emptied, which happens rarely enough for it to be an event. Sadly.

I've also removed large amounts of the carpet'o'recycling, if only because with the PC project, it had become more of the insurmountable mountain'o'recycling. But at least I could get some exercise climbing up one side, then skiing down the other, every time I went to the sink.

I'll probably do some work on the PC project now, though at some point I need to consider both getting clean and the subject of food.
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