January 21st, 2007


Aaaannnnddd... Back to Pissy

First off, I'm feeling much better. Of course, I'm still hacking the occasional piece of concrete out of my lungs, but otherwise, I'm pretty much fine.

I'd complain about the sinus congestion, but that's kinda normal for me anyway.

Apart from about 12 hours of sleep (a very good thing), I've mostly been researching the PC karaoke concept. I don't think I'm getting any sleep tonight, since I want all the purchasing finished by tomorrow evening - plus the financial report showing I have no money...

So, while all that's going reasonably well, if slowly (I don't do rapid shopping well), the evening has been... frustrating.

First, I drove to a couple of places to check on pricing before the show. The car is still handling damn well, but just before getting to the bar, I discovered one of my high beams had burnt out. As I remember, it's the one that's hard to replace.

OK, not a big deal. When I walked into the bar, I found the VCR/DVD player had been taken out. I dug up Paula, who told me that Wayne really wants a fancier player, so took the old one, and will have a new one back on Wednesday.

I fully understand him wanting a better one. After all, we got the cheapest one we could get, since I only wanted it for a video distribution point.

Which they'd just mindlessly ripped out. I got an "Oh, you use it for karaoke?" comment from Paula.


Fortunately, the projector isn't working, since I don't have a signal to send to it.

So I patched through - it's what I had before, anyway. It's just... irritating, when people tear something up you've been working on for some time without even considering you. The fact that one generally doesn't rip out the old equipment without immediately replacing it just adds to the situation.

The fact that the front speaker had been left disconnected again was perfectly understandable (it's the only way Paula knows to keep Wayne from using it), but added to the level of irritation.

Then there's Ray. I'm not sure what the deal is with Ray, except he's a friend of Wayne's, and is apparently involved in the purchase of the new player. He came in before the show, I told him what I needed in a new player, he assured me he'd be around if I needed him. Ummm, whuh?

I suppose this is all a good thing. After all that, the fact that my voice keeps slipping in and out of existence is just a minor irritation. And I'm certainly feeling better now - after all, blankreloaded tipped me a can of Campbell's tomato soup and a Jack&Coke. Who can remain pissed off in the face of that kind of generosity?

Otherwise, it's a fairly slow night so far. Not dead, but definitely slow. But Lizz is here, and Eddie, and markobellydance, and moahb, and snafflekid, and quite a few more. So it's definitely fun, even if I can't sing worth a damn.
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For the Record

spawrhawk has, on two occasions, tried to interject a comment into one of my posts.

The first time, he failed to notice the open posting window, since it was obscured.

The second time, there was no available window.

However, all that aside, I do need to point out that Mikey is a completely marvelous individual, and that I feel quite privileged to know him.

And I'd be equally as enthusiastic even if he hadn't bought me a drink.
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