January 20th, 2007


And Now: Ugh

Not too surprisingly, I actually got sick sick last night. Lying in bed with chills under several layers of blankets sick. That broke around, I think, 4:00am. Not a huge amount of fun, but not the worst time of my life either. At the moment I'm mostly disturbed by the continuing sinus congestion, and the unproductive cough.

Though at least the bronchial congestion seems to have lifted.

I honestly think I'll be able to do the show tomorrow, so the timing wasn't too bad. Of course, we'll see. I may be begging timenchanter to take over for me by tomorrow afternoon.

While I didn't get the car into the shop by 8:00am, as planned, I did make it by 9:30am, which is remarkable for me. It was fun telling them what I wanted done, since I suddenly discovered that I didn't have much of a voice...

That's been the main productive part of the day, especially since they didn't finish the "3 hours of work" until 6:00pm. In large part, as far as I can tell, because they discovered it would be more work getting at the dashboard lights than they thought, then someone dropping the ball about calling me for authorization.

Whatever. It turns out 5 of the lights had gone - the dash is brighter than I ever remember seeing it. Otherwise, I pretty much had everything done, including a transmission change and a four wheel alignment. I've only driven it back from the shop since, but it drives niiiiice.

I almost took a drive around the neighborhood just to enjoy it.

Otherwise, I'm still playing with the PC karaoke concept - and having a lot of fun with it. I've verified I can fit the pieces in my car, though I might herniate in the attempt - the one rack would have to be lifted in, and weighs 50lbs without anything in it.

I haven't weighed myself today. The only thing that really seems to keep me from coughing is eating, especially eating something spicy (my sinuses love that). So far today I've had a sandwich from Lee's, most of my remaining stock of Punjabi mix, a chicken pot pie, and two bowls of this very good chili that Timmie cooked up.

And I'm sure I'm not done. There's still chili left downstairs...

Enough for about 8 people, actually. Not that that's ever stopped me before.
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