January 11th, 2007


I Shouldn't Be Laughing...

Mena called early this morning to find out if her card had arrived. It had.

So she headed on down here. She called as her ride was about 5 minutes away, so I got up.

She called when she got to the door. I went down and opened it.

The look on her face when she realized I wouldn't let her in to get her mail until I saw my computer - priceless.

"You could also just give me my $20 back."

"But the $20 is on the card!"

"Well, that is a problem, isn't it?"

She headed off into the complex across the street to try to dig up the computer...
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Elder Sign

A Night Away From The Bar

I actually got myself cleaned up and to a post office within... reasonable time. At least it should have been postmarked correctly. I dropped by the Eastridge office, since their last pickup is at 9:00.

They've finally moved out of the trailers and into the mall, and holy SHIT is that a huge space they've got in there! It's like some kind of bizarre Post Office nirvana.

Ahem. Yes. Well. After a quick walk around the mall, I headed back home, picking up some milk for timenchanter, as well as basics for the party (Alouette, crackers, another Campari bottle for Alex to "lose"...).

Then Timmie and I headed to the Hamptons. A great time as usual. Almost everybody brought a main dish, and I of course had to sample them all.

The big event was of course having electrichobbit home for a bit. But of course it was just wonderful hanging out with everyone, including the always cute&fun princesskiti22, the wonderful wissavix, and a more-anxious-than-usual but very cuddly misswong77. Lucinda's teaching her first class at SCU this evening, and is just a little bit stressed. She's going to be fine, of course, but it's always nervewracking.

I got more than a little tipsy on the Campari (again), which seems to be the only alcohol I've found so far that completely flies under my radar screen. It's also just too much fun watching cekyr0's face as I sip on it...

Unfortunately this also meant I kinda disturbed a video with my Snore Of Doom™, until they woke me up and I moved. Ah well.

Random notes for those who actually read this far down:
  • I don't tend to participate in interactive meme-things. Do not take this to mean I don't think very highly of you.

  • If I'm your ride, it's perfectly OK to choose other ways of getting home. But if I don't get some solid indication that you're doing so, I'm going to go through a certain amount of panic and worry, frequently involving visions of neighborhood muggings. Leaving your phone off doesn't help.
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