January 8th, 2007


Much Fun With The KoC

Last night was definitely one of those that makes me like my job. We had a really nice crowd last night, including the return of electrichobbit with jorgitoelcubano!

I know Mark's been back for a couple of days, but this was the first I'd seen him. And while Jorge is frequently around, for some reason I see a lot more of him when Mark's in town...

It was a great group, with a reasonable rotation (A little under an hour for most of the night - though I tacked on an 8th 3-person round at the end). The bar did quite acceptably.

trivialt even made it in, and sang a few songs.

I made a full $6 in tips...

It was just comfortable, and fun, with people clapping for most singers, and generally having a good time. timenchanter made a personal effort to make the bar profitable for the evening, with the result that I had to guide a friendly zombie to the car at the end of the night.

The effort to make the video image clean, well, didn't work so well. I'll be trying something else about that tonight, after picking up some more toys this afternoon. On the other hand, I did manage to make all screens work, which is quite a step in the right direction. The standard TVs are just kinda snowy, is all.

I've also got an occasional problem that seems to go all the way back to my rack. At one point all screens, including my stage monitor, were showing a double herringbone pattern that looked for all the world like a plaid. Ah well.

Then some sleep. Today I've done a few little things - some financial stuff, some eBay things. I've got a gorgeous copper and brushed steel desk lamp I need to unload (customer return from a guy who tried to fit a setscrew into a hole that already contained one) if anyone's interested.

Though I may just keep it. It is gorgeous.

I also have another disc to enter into the database, so I'm about to do that. lucydogstringer bought us all a disc of TV themes.
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