January 6th, 2007


More Friggin' Ladders

I got to the bar last night at almost exactly 7:00pm - about 30 seconds before Paula showed up. I went straight to the S-Video connection on the projector and yep, one of the pins had been bent over - and was shorting to another one.

An attempt to straighten it popped it right off, which wasn't too surprising. I then looked at the rest of the video bar TVs. They looked, well, really good. It appears a lot of the noise was caused by those shorted pins. It's most likely why the player went a little weird, too.

In any case, I ran off to Fry's, and got a new cable, got back as soon as possible, and started running it. This was later than I would have liked, since the Nemesis crew was there and starting to set up. I got the cable run, tested out the connection (success), then started to attach one of the B&W's as a booth monitor.

Apart from the fact that I was working around thebatt, who was playing at the time, I also discovered that as soon as I hooked the thing up, I got a fair amount of interference. Which appeared to stay even when the TV was disconnected. I suspect that the length of 300Ω wire is acting as an antenna, and bringing outside interference into the system. Interference that doesn't show up when the karaoke system is hooked up, because I've got a signal amplifier, but does when the combo player itself is driving the TVs. There was a little bit of noise all night on the screens.

I have a (very cheap) signal amplifier I found in the garage. I'm going to try hooking that up tomorrow. Hopefully it'll do the trick.

I got the hell out of the DJ booth, and started on the pool room TV mount. This took longer than expected because I followed instructions, and sank 4 2½" screws into a piece of wood that felt like concrete. It took an hour, but the thing's solid enough to hold a human being, now. Probably two.

So there's a TV in the pool room, hooked up to the video distribution system. Of course, it has no power, but it's there...

I put all the tools away, and hung out for a bit - mostly with hollyk and sugarbare, but also some with a musically hopped-up timenchanter, who had just finished seeing Dreamgirls.

Somewhere in there the bar CD player packed up. I, well, decided it wasn't my problem. Surprisingly, I haven't gotten a call on the subject yet, but I still may once Wayne gets to the bar...

Around midnight or so, Timmie and I decided to grab some food, so we got some Denny's, then went home and slept.

Today, I finally got up after ignoring a couple of groups of touring homebuyers, went off with Timmie to Chevy's, and then Best Buy, where he got the Dreamgirls soundtrack.

Now he's up at delirium's birthday party. I'm at my parents', where I've re-reinstalled their smoke alarm (apparently I didn't do it right last time, and it fell down), and otherwise done little tasks around the house.

Shortly we'll be having dinner. Timmie's helping Eddie out at the bar later tonight, so I'll probably swing that way after leaving here.
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