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Baycon Survival, Day 2

I gave into my baser instincts yesterday. Specifically my baser instincts that say "spend money."

I was good for most of the day. Really. Well, apart from the t-shirts. But they were so cute.

I was saved from a fair amount of consumerism by dinner at my parents. That took out most of the evening - I got there at 6:00, but we didn't eat dinner until 9:00. I got back to the con around 11:00 or so.

And I was set for a quiet evening of wandering through parties, enjoying Jean's mad DJ skillz (And watching the cute Goth/Industrial grrlz, of course, as well as any other activity requiring excess consonants), and the occasional bout of anime.

I was doing the latter when an extremely cute young thing said something like "Oh my god - Bruce!", and dragged me into the hallway. A few seconds of world vision adjustment, and I realized it was Brittany. She, Sami, and Lezlie (another friend of theirs) were trying to crash the con. They supposedly had an "in," but said "in" wasn't functioning properly.

After some gyrations I simply marched the girls to reg, and paid for three night passes. I know, I really shouldn't have. But they were so cute.

The reg process took forever, mainly because we were being processed by justnate, who, completely contrary to his normal habit, kept chatting with the girls rather than doing the minimal data entry necessary. Because, well, they were so cute.

The inevitable finally happened, and I called Brittany Christina. I'm hoping the resulting embarrassment will get that little brain-glitch out of my system. Though she still doesn't look like a Brittany. Not bitchy enough by half.

I ran into the girls off-and-on through the rest of the night, as we all wandered in our separate orbits.

Not a huge amount else to say. Had a few nice conversations with supersniffles, who was quite drunk, but not quite thiiiiiisssss drunk. She introduced me to her extremely hot light person, Gina. Twice. I dealt.

Finally caught up with elynne. Ran into Toby after many years - and kept encountering her through the night with almost disturbing regularity.

Around 3:00, I was starting to get hungry, and planned to snuggle up with my laptop in the Coffee Garden. They put up the closed sign in the time it took me to retrieve said laptop.

So I sat and surfed on a chair in front of the coffee garden. Something about masochism, I suppose. The girls walked by multiple times in their search for a place to crash. I'm hoping they realized their badges weren't good for today...

I'm also amused by how much effort they seemed to need to go to. I mean, finding crashing space at Baycon isn't particularly hard, especially if you're young and cute.

After an hour or so of sitting there, I caved in to nature and went home. Grabbed a burger on the way. Fell asleep with my glasses on. I just woke up for a bit - and should probably sleep a little more. After all, I do have a show tonight. With the finals for the contest, as a matter of fact.

I'm curious how many of the contestants will show up...

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