December 29th, 2006


Life on Ladders

Thursday afternoon I printed out a new book, packed myself and the projector screen in the car, and headed to the bar. The plan was to meet Paula there at 6:00pm. Unfortunately, I ended up there at closer to 6:30pm, 'cause I'm slow like that.

Still, I managed to get the projector attached to the ceiling.

Then it was time to start the show. From what I've heard, it was not a particularly profitable night. But we did have quite an array of very cool people. cekyr0, jeffercine, misswong77, lilminxdynasty, tlslive, and trivialt, just to mention a few.

And, of course, blankreloaded, who told everyone I'd get a perm if they contributed to the tip jar.


I ran for a little over 5 rounds, shutting down pretty much at 2:00am.

I was feeling a little bored with my usual song selections, so I tried a couple of different ones - Godsmack's "Whatever" and the Eurythmic's "Would I Lie To You." The results were, well, OK. I was also backed into doing "I Feel Good," for the obvious reasons. That didn't do too badly.

We got the club empty fairly rapidly at close, except for an inebriated couple. They obviously meant well, but hung around for over an hour trying to be "helpful." That slowed things down quite a bit.

In any case, after a number of gyrations, I managed to get the screen attached, did some setup of the projector, and tried playing a DVD to see how it looked. Not too shabby after we discarded the VCR (something odd about that thing, but then, it was apparently free).

We stopped there and went home. It was about 6:00am.

At around 10:30am I got up, and prepped to make it to CCF. I was, for some reason, almost half an hour late. It was a nice group - Lucinda, of course, but also yammylee, Chris, entrpyca, and deekers.

After a couple of laps around the mall with Lucinda, I went to Costco to check on combined DVD/VCR prices (too high), Stopped by the house to do some quick bluetooth earpiece repair (A tab had broken off, and needed to be reglued - and I even managed to glue only a little bit of my thumb to the plastic!), then resigned myself to Wal-mart.

I picked up a cheap combo player, then headed up to my parents' place.

My parents had a small emergency - the batteries in the smoke alarm at the top of the dome were failing, and the thing was beeping incessantly. So I wrestled the large ladder out of the carport and up the stairs, got the batteries changed, and then wrestled the ladder back down to the carport.

Then off to the bar, to try to do some more setup. While trying to align the projector, I realized the screws I'd put in the ceiling were pulling out, so I dug through Paula's collection of wall inserts, took the thing back down, redid the holes, and put it back up.

Much better. I still ended up wrestling with it for nearly an hour trying to fix a minor slant to the image on the screen. With, finally, some success.

I also managed to get all the cabling attached to the wall before the Nemesis crew arrived.

While they were setting up, I also played with the new player a bit. Enough, at least, to learn that I needed to read the manual.

So I put all the tools away, and headed home with the manual in hand. Apparently I can't use the S-Video connector, because that's DVD only. Good thing I have an adapter.

I'm supposed to head back in an hour or so with my motorized miter saw (assuming it hasn't been stolen - I haven't checked). Paula will be bringing some shelving material, and we're going to make a little shelf for the combo player. She's also hopefully going to be (ahem) reimbursing me for the last week's purchases. I kinda need the money...

I'm also going to finish the last bits of cabling, and verify (with any luck) that everything works - and works without serious ground loops.

I think that, with any luck, I may be able to sleep Saturday afternoon...
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