December 28th, 2006


Blown Away

In a near literal sense. There are two windows to my room. One huge, and one normal sized. The normal sized one has had an in-window air conditioner hanging from it for several years now.

I woke up yesterday to what sounded like the wind doing its best to tear the thing off. It didn't come close to succeeding, but that wasn't my first impression.

I of course didn't get myself ready to do much until 4:00pm, because, well, I'm a flake. But that was early enough to run up to PG&E, and watch the face of a clerk as I paid $340 with $5 bills. This is a huge improvement, by the way - that's two months worth of power, including the frigid end of November. Last year was much milder, and I was paying around $350 a month. It makes a difference when you don't have people pushing the thermostat to 80° with the windows open.

I then headed back home, and waited for timenchanter to get home. He wanted companionship while at Kaiser.

Not only did I provide companionship, I also drove, and provided some level of entertainment thereby. Anyone who's ever ridden with me while I'm not using electronic mapping knows that while I do get there, and almost always on time, I naturally pick a surreal way to do so. As Timmie put it: "It's not that I'm lost, I just don't know how you plan to get there from here"...

After the doctor told Timmie that his allergic reaction looked like an allergic reaction, we headed off to dinner, with a quick unplanned stopover to visit his brother's family, all of whom happened to be shopping at Toys'R'Us. That was cool - I hadn't seen them in ages.

Then a quick dinner at Fresh Choice, followed by some shopping for projector stuff - some hardware at Home Depot, followed by some cabling at Fry's. The plan had been to get all the stuff, and try to get at least part of it installed before Hydra got started. No such luck. We got out of Fry's just as they were closing, and by that point, things were in full swing. OK, there were what appeared to be 5 actual customers, and I didn't feel like ruining things by drilling holes in the ceiling while the music was going.

However, I did make a few more calculations and measurements for the installation. It looks like the projector's going to be mounted almost exactly where the stripper pole used to be...

And it was far from a loss. We got to say "Hi" to Max, whom neither I nor Timmie had seen in ages. And his friends, whose names I can't seem to remember, but who were familiar...

Eddie and Lizz were bartending, ajayav was doing the door, I got a nice hug from thebatt. The usual.

Around about 11:30, it occurred to me that making Timmie wait for closing was rather unfair to his sleep schedule, so I drove home with the full intention of driving right back at 1:00am. But I kept nodding off, so I called Paula to ask her to come in early tonight. I probably won't have the whole thing set up, but it should at least be mounted.

Of course, that doesn't mean I fell asleep - I started reading random articles, including an exposé of Noka chocolates that gave me a huge chocolate craving. Supper therefore consisted of various chocolate bars from 7-11. This was not conducive to good sleep, for some reason.

So I watched videos from YouTV PC. I assume it's going to be a pay site at some point, but right now, it's showing quite a few good shows in reasonable quality for free. I'm well into the first season of Drawn Together right now.
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The projector screen was just delivered, despite having been ordered Tuesday night with the free "slow boat to china" shipping, at a total price 1/3 that of normal retail.

Have I ever mentioned that I rock at web shopping?

At least, I'm going to say that until it turns out to be a complete piece of crap.

Now all I need to do is figure out how I'm going to fit a 70" long box in my little car...
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