December 27th, 2006


New Disc!

I'd normally post this over in koc_luvrs, but since the new disc was bought for (and effectively by) princesskiti22, and she's not a member right now...

In any case, a new disc has arrived. It's now in the database, and the updates can be examined from my song list page.

I'll of course at the very least have new update sheets printed up by Thursday.
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Some Here, Some There...

I didn't get out of the house Tuesday until a little before 5:00pm. It's not that I wasn't awake until then, but I have been fiddling a lot with the new toy. Little amusements like getting the backup to work properly...

The default browser appears to not like loading anything LJish. Getting that to work will be a project shortly.

In any case, timenchanter and I left the house a little before 5:00pm. I wanted to drop by PG&E and pay my bill before bad things happened, but my thought that they closed the office at 5:30pm was, well, WRONG. Oh well.

From there we headed to Fry's, where I got part of Timmie's Christmas present, and we both had to tear ourselves away from all the cheap DVDs. I now own (and just finished watching) Barbarella.

I'd completely forgotten that Duran Duran was a villain in that movie.

And then to the bar, where I did a few measurements and discussed projector screen sizes with Paula. I then found a good one online - it won't arrive until after the New Year's party, but it does look like it does what we need, and after discounts, it only cost $45, including shipping.

I also took a bunch of measurements in order to figure out the projector placement. I should be putting the thing up tonight, as long as I can get the necessary pieces.

While I was doing that, Eddie was teaching Timmie more to do with bartending, and the bar itself, well, did pretty dismally. Only a few stragglers came in. I'm beginning to think that I jinx Lizz whenever I show up...

Then Timmie and I came home, and that's about it. Sleep now.
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After all my stuff about PG&E, the power just went out. I'd be more worried if it didn't appear to affect the whole street.

The UPS just shut down my main computer. Think I'll hibernate this one to conserve power...
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