December 26th, 2006


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I got up "early" yesterday (I believe I left the house at noon...) to shop for timenchanter. In my defense, I knew precisely what I wanted to get.

But such was not to be, because, shockingly, most everything was closed.

I was able to find an open Hallmark, staffed by a single Pakistani-looking gentleman. There I was able to acquire a couple of cards and some wrapping paper.

Then home, and some quick scribbling and wrapping, following which Timmie and I headed up to my parents' place.

We got there at about 3:00pm, which appears to be the earliest I can manage. It felt good, though, that for a change the rest of the party arrived after me. They had a minor last-minute crisis...

Anyway, it was a nice low-key Christmas. Sruti continues to be amusingly rebelliously freshman-like. She wore a sweater that was specifically low-cut enough in the back to show her tattoo - in between the stories of her wild life at college.

Everyone seemed pretty happy with their presents - even Timmie, who had to make do with a picture. I need to get myself together, and go out and buy his SD card.

So, a good day.

The Indian contingent left fairly early - they had to go home and pack for a trip to Puerto Vallarta today. Timmie and I hung around and helped some with cleanup, but headed home at 10:00pm or so, as everyone was getting drowsy.

And that's about it. I've started getting stuff ready for transferring to the new phone, but I fell asleep before completing anything. That's going to be one of my first tasks this morning.

Well, that, and hopefully at least looking at some bills. I'd really prefer not to have the power shut off, if I can avoid it.
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Ummmm... Oops?

I've been happily setting up the new phone, following the incredibly complicated procedure to transfer everything over (Backup old phone, install new S/W, restore to new phone. I mean, really, does it have to be this complicated?).

I got to the point that I wanted to just check out the email, so I tried to run that.

It couldn't connect to the data network. Visions of incompatibility ran through my head.

So I tried the built-in web app. That couldn't connect either. Did a setting not transfer?

In case it was a local network problem, I tried messaging timenchanter to see if he was having a similar problem. It wouldn't even send messages.

So I tried calling him. To be told that "Your account has been suspended for non-payment."


Fortunately, once I paid online, it reconnected rather quickly. The website still says my service is suspended, but everything now works, so it can say whatever it wants to.
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