December 25th, 2006


Merry Chrismawhachawhosis!

I managed to get myself up and about by a little after noon yesterday, at which time timenchanter and I went out and had lunch with our friend Lori, whose exact spelling pattern escapes me right now. So maybe I should just call her Rebecca. It had been quite some time, and it was fun to hang out with her.

After lunch, we wandered around Oakridge, and managed to find some clothes for Timmie's niece and nephew. But nothing for my parents.

Then we went back to Lori's place, and watched a bit of video - the Sith episode of Robot Chicken, and an episode of MXC. Timmie also fiddled a bit with Lori's Wii, which just sounds plain wrong.

Anyway, from there Timmie and I headed to Valley Fair, where the previously mentioned attack of the crimson Treo occurred. We also managed to find something for my parents, then had dinner at CPK.

The mango tandoori pizza is, to put it simply, awesome.

Then the bar. It was pretty dead when we got there, but gradually picked up as the night went on. Not that it ever got "crowded," but it did build into quite a party.

kshandra, lysana, and Bob spent the night, which already makes for quite an event.

misswong77 came in and sang several songs, which is also an event in and of itself.

Lizz, who is the organizer/promoter for Tuesdays, was there to train as a bartender. Actually Timmie spent some time doing the same - he's likely going to be working on New Year's Eve.

It turns out that Lizz is quite a good singer - on top of having quite fascinatingly eclectic tastes. My type of girl.

The party really started going after midnight, so I ran to 1:59am, then others (in large part Timmie) dealt with ushering everyone out the door. In the end, the show ran for 8 rounds and two songs.

I made out like a bandit in tips. In fact, I would have been doing quite well without the $100 bill. I'm pretty certain of where that came from. Thank you!

The bar also did reasonably well, which is good, especially when you make a fraction of that amount.

After closing down, Kirsten, Timmie and I went over to supersniffles's place for a bit of stir-fry and company.

Then I dropped Kirsten off, and took Timmie and myself home. Where I'm about to sleep for a few hours.

I still have stuff to buy - not to mention stuff to wrap - before tomorrow afternoon.
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