December 20th, 2006


Party Till It Hurts

Monday's show was fairly impressive - in fact the bar almost did well enough to make up for Sunday.

A lot of the night's pretty much a blur by now. Though snafflekid has the pictures of supersniffles singing "Old Time Rock and Roll" without her pants, and the image of Kendall trying to remove kizmet100's clothing will stay with me for a while.

He was just a leetle drunk at that point.

We were granted another visit by blankreloaded, who has taken it upon himself to proclaim that I'll be in drag for Halloween. Joy.

Steve (Scottish) decided to try to play for the second week in a row. At his first or second song, he responded to complaints about his musical knowledge with "remember, I'm Scottish."

So I gave him Scottish musicians for the rest of the evening. It actually worked out rather well.

I closed at 1:40am, after 8 rounds, then called it a night.

Tuesday I woke up at the unhealthily early hour of 11:30am in order to make it to the bar by 1:30pm, so Paula and I could pick up a 35" TV and projector that Andrew was donating to the bar. I have some study I need to do on the projector - not to mention the whole wiring question - but we'll have a permanent projector TV setup in there shortly.

As long as I survive the recovery from moving that damn 35" monstrosity out of Andrew's apartment and into Paula's truck. Oy vey.

I was going to head home at that point, but the 3:00pm traffic jam had started. So I dropped into El Torito for some food (I was starving), then dropped by the Santa Clara Costco for some stuff, and supplies for gidget121972's party.

And then, of course, went to the party. That was fun - Kristine has a cute little house. timenchanter showed up before too long, as well as quite a few others.

From there I headed to the bar, to see what this Temptation thing was all about. It appears to be about fun, as it turns out. Good music, good stuff. I've now met Liz (who shall also likely be bartending for us soon), and will hopefully get some info on her show shortly.

And that's about it. Well, I drove Eddie home, and I've napped a bit in the writing of this, but in general, that was my day(s).
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It appears that Ameriquest filed a Notice of Default on the house on December 19th. That means three more months before it goes up for sale.

What gets me is that I haven't seen anything official from them on the subject.

But I did just get a come-on from a real estate lawyer containing all the relevant information.

And people say ambulance-chasers aren't good for anything.
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