December 15th, 2006



Last night ended rather well. The bar did quite satisfactorily in terms of income, I ran for 6 rounds, so the singers got to sing, and all was pretty much right with the world.

Eddie was a tad wound up at the end of the night, but he'd just managed to single-handedly serve a reasonably heavy evening. He'd also gotten a fairly hefty sum in tips, which is quite cool.

I was also wound a little tight, so I took myself to the Cardinal to wind down. Well, and scarf down. It appears I'm doing just a little stress-related eating lately...

Today I managed to be at least a tad productive - the New Year's evites are out, the LJ post is up, and the bar web site is updated - including some mention of the upcoming Further Confusion Dead Dog Party in January.

Then timenchanter and I headed out to the first CCF in quite a while. This was a quiet one, with only misswong77 and dancin_whitey in addition to the two of us. This was good - we all had a reasonable amount of catching up to do.

Afterward, Timmie and I decided to walk the mall, in an attempt to burn off at least some calories. After one turn around the building, we ran into the lovely cmjfoxfyre, who had just gotten off work, and was just about to start some Christmas shopping.

So we worked off those calories by tagging along and carrying packages. Exercise is always more fun when you're doing it with someone cute and vivacious, I always say.

We dropped her off at the Gay Bar, then headed back home. FedEx had left a disc on the front porch, so I entered and cross-checked that, and now I'm about ready to go out to visit Club Nemesis. It appears there may need to be some website changes...
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