December 12th, 2006

Triskell Knot


Last night's show continued rather well. mr_seed and his two friends left not long after the last post, but others showed up to fill the gaps - one of them being trivialt!

In fact, Stan showed up just in time to catch a moping qzar_mystik, and turn him around.

lucydogstringer didn't manage his first attempt at using the "Twelve Days" background track, but it was a heck of a lot of fun watching him implode in the process.

I eventually ran for seven rounds, finishing at about 1:50am - then singing the "Twelve Days" just to see if there were problems with it. It's a slightly odd version, but quite doable. And apparently Steven could at least somewhat manage to figure out how to shoehorn his version in, as long as I was singing the original.

We had a potential new recruit last night - a kid named Ryan, who was a lot of fun. Hopefully he'll be back.

Paula was a little depressed about the take, but mainly, I think, because she was hoping we'd make up for Sunday. It was actually pretty good for a Monday.

And that's about it. Grabbed a snack on the way home, and did my usual doze/surf thing for several hourse before waking up enough to crawl into bed.

I actually remember bits of a couple of dreams, which is very unusual for me. Both seemed to have to do with memory loss. In the first, I was watching some video with friends. We had rented it, but were for some reason watching it on a TV in a lounge at the store. They had to do something and took off for a bit, then I went to do something, and when I came back, the video was gone - a store employee had it, but would only return it if I told him what it was.

And I couldn't remember.

In another, I was reading about this absolutely wonderful (and gigantic) park near where I was, and decided to go visit it. I parked the car, walked in, and for some reason took off my clothes, and settled down in my underwear under a blanket to finish the book. Which promptly told me that the place was private (employees of a particular company got to go there, but no-one else). I was going to leave before I got in trouble, but couldn't find my clothes.

After a ramble through several areas, wearing underwear and a blanket, I was, in fact, stopped by someone - who brought me out to where there were some clothes. And would kindly let me go if I just took mine and left.

But I couldn't tell which ones were mine - if any.

Then I woke up.

I managed to pull myself together enough to make it to my bank "on time." They close at 5:00pm. I got there ate 4:58pm. The teller was not thrilled to see me, but was happier when she realized I was just depositing cash.

After that I spent an hour in Costco getting some basic supplies.

Then home, and an hour or so later, some of timenchanter's most excellent chili.

Some minor gyrations after that - the DSL went out, so I tried to debug it. I even went so far as to pay the phone bill. Shortly after that, the DSL came back, which I'm sure is a complete coincidence.

Timmie and I are probably going to head out to Apple's birthday party in a bit. We'll see.
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