December 11th, 2006



Last night's show started slow, continued slow, and ended slow. I ran for 11 rounds before closing down at 1:45am. Somewhere around 11:30 or so, we started, well, mixing it up a little. snafflekid and blankreloaded suicided each other, then suddenly we were all picking songs we were pretty damn sure we couldn't do.

It didn't feel too unusual to me, for some reason, but there were apparently a few sore throats this morning.

Then I went home and pretty much dozed on and off until around 5:30pm. I mean, that's not completely accurate. Mena came by and picked up some stuff. A couple of hours later (while I was fast asleep), she decided she had to pick up Mellie's jacket, which she had forgotten. I don't know how she managed the simultaneous phonecalls, and text messages while ringing the doorbell. For about 10 straight minutes while I tried to pull myself out of bed, put on a robe, and go downstairs.

Next time, I'm ripping the doorbell off the wall, and turning off my phone. Not that I'm upset or anything. But I'm rather more determined that her stuff leaves the house by the 1st.

timenchanter woke me up this evening, bringing up the mail. One of the packages was a couple of Christmas discs, so I took the time to enter them and print out new update sheets.

I also verified that the new "12 days of Christmas" has no background singers, so lucydogstringer can do his version.

Between that, cleaning up, and the very nice spaghetti that Timmie served up, I didn't even make it to the bar until 8:00pm. Not a big problem, actually. I didn't have enough people to start until around 8:45pm, anyway.

It's been a bit busier than yesterday since that point. I have 9 people in the rotation right now, and I may even pick up a couple more. Who knows? In the meantime, Steve makes a mean mojito.
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