December 10th, 2006


Party Line

timenchanter and I were supposed to get started early yesterday. So, instead of getting to my parents' at 3:00pm, we managed to get there at 2:30pm.

Ah well. Given the torrential rain up there, working on the deck wasn't exactly practical, anyway. We emptied a rain bucket in the garage (finding and fixing that hole will be all kinds of fun), and I worked on some software problems with Dad's laptop.

In return, they gave us the usual nice dinner - though quite a bit earlier than usual. A little hanging out, a minor nap on my side, and then we headed up to the City. With slightly crossed fingers about my parents' road not being blocked. The storm was pretty bad up there.

We were going to a wine and chocolate fondue birthday party for my cousin (Beth or Liz, depending who you are...). This was at Beth's friend Katie's apartment a little north of Market. A nice place, with great roommates. And, of course, no parking. It took us 20 minutes just to find an only mildly illegal space.

Quite an excellent party, even if Timmie felt odd being the token gay, and I sometimes felt odd being the closet Football Atheist. Great people, though. It's possible some of that attitude had to do with the extremely large amount of wine I imbibed. Not to mention the fact that Katie had the taste to make dark chocolate fondue.

I think it was around midnight that Timmie and I flowed out of there, with the intention of finding some sort of nourishment. Actually, with the specific intention of finding nourishment at Mythic Pizza. Good stuff.

There followed what seems to happen only when I go to the City. We both needed to pee, and there's no legal place to do it. We couldn't even go back to the party - the only phone # I had was for an unconscious girl. Cute, but completely passed out. And, of course, the apartment's buzzer is broken.

So Timmie and I had a nice hike through the area, trying to find a reasonably well concealed location. This ended up being a hospital parking lot.

And, apart from a longish drive, thus endeth the adventure.

Today, we got up somewhat earlyish, so we could shop for a new phone for Timmie, and stuff for spawrhawk's homewarming. Both were acquired, though this means that all is not right with the world: Timmie has a phone more advanced than mine. This state of affairs can simply not be allowed to continue.

A couple of pleasant hours followed at Mikey's new place. For one thing, I got to catch up with misswong77 a bit - she's been elusively busy for the last month.

And now I'm at the bar. We've got a pretty small group of people here - most of the regulars are at Mikey's, after all. But Timmie's here, princesskiti22 is here, trivialt may show up, and I'm having a good time.
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