December 7th, 2006


Slight Increase in Speed

I believe I actually slept a relatively normal amount of time today.

I can't say I was hugely productive, but I did order a couple of Christmas discs, as well as print up and bind a couple of books, so it was far from a loss. I even found and corrected a (very very minor) database error.

timenchanter found some boxes, which are now at home.

Which means I have no excuse not to pack. Dammit.

I started tonight's show pretty close to on time, which is a good thing - while the first round was only 10 people, the second is showing only slight signs of ending.

It's remixedlatino's birthday, and we've got quite a nice turnout. There's enough people in here that it doesn't feel all that cold...

Mikey's so cool! (as one can tell, spawrhawk was here)

hollyk just showed up, though there's no sign of a trivialt yet.

Back to work.
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