December 5th, 2006



Sometime between Sunday evening and Monday night, someone tore off and walked away with the sign on the front of the bar that had the hours on it.

The depth of mean-spirited childishness in some people occasionally astounds me.
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The Day that Wasn't

I'm still debating whether to take my shower for the day and get up. Right at the moment, I seem to be listing towards the "don't bother" side of things.

Accomplishments for the day: Ummm, a couple of LJ comments and a limerick. A bit of advice on SD cards to timenchanter. Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

I believe I'm done with pizza for a while. I neglected to mention it in yesterday's post, but I had a very nice dinner with kshandra yesterday at CPK, where I had half a Thai chicken pizza.

During the show last night, James showed up with something like 10 leftover pizzas from some event. I snarfed out.

And today I had pizza for breakfast and lunch, in between naps. Yeah, it'll be a while before I'm big on the pizza thing.

It's a good thing Timmie cooked me an actual dinner. But then, I already know I'm incredibly lucky in my best friend.
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