December 2nd, 2006


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intrusting's birthday party last night was quite the event.

I of course delayed timenchanter's and my arrival by quite a bit through my normal application of procrastination and lethargy, but still, we made it by 8:30pm, and the party was in full swing. You know you aren't too late when cekyr0 and jeffercine haven't left yet.

I spent far, far too much of the evening snarfing up various forms of grazing food (my weight was up by 2 pounds today), but I also spent it hanging out with quite a few wonderful people, notably hollyk, trivialt, and jorgitoelcubano.

And one of course can't forget the glorious blankreloaded torture sessions, which I was tag-teaming with Stan.

This was definitely the party that wouldn't die. Somewhere around midnight, they put on Mary Poppins. Timmie had already said he'd go home when I was ready, so I figured I'd detach him from whomever when the movie was over, then take off.

But then, after Mary Poppins, Roger put on the Song of the South, which I'd been wanting to see for quite some time. We actually had a bit of a follow-on discussion as to why people would have a problem with it.

Then he started just showing cute video clips. Well, mostly cute. The singing penis was more on the order of disturbing.

In the end, I somewhat forcibly tore myself away around 6:00am. By this time, I was not just the only straight guy there, but also the only one not either asleep or cuddling. I cruelly extracted Timmie (who was not asleep), and took us back home.

I was pretty much good for nothing today. I did compose a couple of email responses to people complaining about Friday's show (it would be about a show I didn't attend), which took several hours. Still, that's not why I was 2 and a half hours late getting to my parents. The lack of full consciousness largely took care of that.

Which means I did nothing on the deck today, which is a shame. I did, however, disable their non-functioning alarm system for them, so I guess I did something for the rather delicious dinner they fed me.

I managed to stay awake until 11:00pm, then excused myself and wended my way home. Where I shall now proceed to the "sleeping" thing.
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