November 19th, 2006


I'm Baaaaack!

After turbulence untold and airplane meals a-many, I have arrived safely on the ground, and have arrived before the gates of the goblin cityUS customs.

I've just gotta remember not to say anything stupid like "you have no power over me"...
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Sleep? Who needs sleep!

Granted, I slept at least two hours on the plane.

But then, from there timenchanter and I went up to my parents' place, and worked on their deck.

OK, I slept for at least an hour on their couch, too.

Then we had an excellent meal, and headed down to the bar. Timmie's doing the show tonight, which makes a huge amount of sense, given my present state of consciousness.

So I'm hanging out at the bar, having some drinks, and, well, working on the website again...

The technical aspect is one thing, but gathering all the necessary info, and wording it properly, is another question entirely. Especially when you're not necessarily all there.

Oh well. I'm having fun, anyway. I'm possibly just a little smelly, but I'm having fun.
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