November 4th, 2006


Around and About

Friday evening started off with a very pleasant time at CCF, where we celebrated the day before misswong77's birthday (Hope you're having a good one, Lucinda!). By the time everyone arrived, we were myself, Lucinda, timenchanter, entropyca, deekers, k_magic, and the lovely spondee. I was spoiled - not only did Marin sit next to me, but since she also sang a couple of songs at KoC Thursday, it was the second night in a row I got to see her.

After the usual "way too much food" experience, we all went our separate ways. I headed off to the bar, and helped a tiny bit with setup. Mostly I talked to people, including what may end up being a productive conversation with thebatt.

I hung around there until about 10:40, enjoying the music and schmoozing. Talking to pretty girls always cheers me up.

Then I headed off to Carrows to meet up with trivialt, Jennie, and Josh. Stan had just finished some late-night parent-student thing, and wanted to nosh and talk to friends.

I was perfectly willing to overeat for the purpose of keeping friends company.

We had a typically good time involving a large number of particularly bad jokes. In fact, we delayed leaving the parking lot because we got involved in a long run of blonde jokes.

Then home.

I know I slept in there some time. Otherwise, I've spent my usual long time on the net, some of it shopping for hosting plans for Paula, and a lot of it looking at moon phase pictures.

What with all the fascinating stuff, I didn't get started up to my parents' until about 4:30. But I dragged Timmie up here anyway. We even did a couple of vaguely useful chores before the sun went down.

And now mom's putting the finishing touches on dinner. It's Coq au Vin tonight.

Life definitely could be a lot worse.
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