October 31st, 2006

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Sorta Productive

Last night's show was pretty good. Apparently oddly unprofitable for the bar, given the number of people, but we had a lot of fun.

It certainly was profitable enough for me, and I have this sneaking worry that the two might have some connection. Last night saw a visit by blankreloaded, and a return of his hard-sell method of collecting tips.

Now, I truly appreciate the people who go around and collect tips for me. I'm just not the type to do it, and on a particularly busy night without someone doing a round for me, I'm generally looking at $15.

That said, I don't think I needed three rounds of hard sell. It was odd enough getting the cigarette on the second round. The third one got me a jar of cheese sauce, a hard candy, two straws, and a pocket knife - though dwo took that back. Indian giver.

Anyway, apart from Casey trying to suck people's wallets dry in my name, it was mostly a low-key night with a pleasantly large turnout - the second round actually had 18 people in it. In fact, I believe the 6 rounds I ran last night were one fewer than those for Sunday.

That said, there was a certain amount of drama last night as well, also centered around Casey. I'm not going to go into it, except for the general comment that some people really need to chill out. Neither violence (no matter how mild) nor running away are any sort of solution to what mostly, in the end, is a difference in personality type.

I think most of us were burnt out on the Halloween thing, though I'll be partying at Splash later, if only in a comfortable Ren outfit. One noticeable romantic hold-out was trivialt, who showed up with some rather good skull facepaint. So I gave him spooky songs.

I ended the show around 1:30am, but with general conversations, including quite a long one with Paula, I didn't leave the bar until 3:00am. Then I dropped by Carrows for some decompression, and headed home to do a few hours of the sleep thing.

Today hasn't been the most productive in the history of mankind, but on the other hand, the giant pile of unread mail on my bed has been converted to a much smaller pile of unpaid bills. Coincidentally, my carpet'o'recycling has gotten considerably thicker.

In the process, I found a letter claiming that Ameriquest is going to foreclose. I suspect they're just threatening at this point, however. Wish the bastards would get on with it.

Otherwise, I've been trying to figure out how to get the Gimp to do batch processing without having to spend days learning their pseudo-Lisp scripting language. Otherwise, a little side-project of mine will involve applying the same set of operations to 181 images. Not my idea of a good time.
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Porn & Violent Movies - A Solution For A Troubled World

I just came across this article, wherein a serious study has shown, among other things, that an increase in internet porn access has a direct and, after many other factors are taken out, most likely causal effect on rape.

It reduces it.

Violent movies have a similar (if short-term) effect in reducing violent crime.

Suck it, censors. And I mean that literally. You'll probably feel much better.
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