October 29th, 2006


Partied Out

It's been a busy two days. Friday afternoon, timenchanter and I shopped for various props, with a reasonable modicum of success. The best part being that we both managed to find items without having to buy complete new articles of clothing or cheesy costumes.

After dinner, then some time each working on the dressing up thing, we headed to cybrenn's party.

My cousin Beth, or Liz (Apparently, as family, I'm supposed to call her Beth. But she introduces herself as Liz to everybody else. I finally gave up and started telling everyone "this is my cousin," and let her fill in the details) messaged me to say she was too tired to make it. I managed to convince her to come out, anyway.

She ended up returning home around 3:00am, after dancing her ass off. This was a good thing - she's under an amazing amount of stress.

Ben's party was a typical technical tour de force. Not to mention worthwhile seeing just for the wall of spiders. I never was able to find a spare spot on the vibrating couch, though...

I can't even begin to list the number of people we ran into during the night, though it's impossible to forget princesskiti22's CDs. She definitely won the prize for the minimalist costume of the evening. And she also came fully equipped with a cekyr0 and a jeffercine!

After an hour or so of enjoying Ben's hospitality - and booze - we made our way to the bar. Club Nemesis was in full swing, with quite a nice crowd. For reasons I don't quite follow - though Beth's desire to dance, and the excellent music were part of it, I'm sure - I ended up spending quite a while dancing. I can't even deny the fact, since there's a fair amount of photographic evidence.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera, but Alex and Keri took quite enough pictures, and I'm sure will publish them soon.

So I spent until close dancing and schmoozing (And in one rather odd case, smooching. That was extremely pleasant, if far from expected. Though I'm sure she didn't remember any of it in the morning). When the bar closed down, quite a number of us bounced back over to Gay Melrose and James' party, which was slowing down, but far from dead. There I ended up having a couple of good conversations with Lynette, which is a first. I also said hello to the Eddie-lump on James' bed.

After a bit of that, Beth wanted to head home, so I walked her to her car, then got involved in a conversation with Paula on the way back. Which meant I never actually made it back. After 20 minutes or so of that, Timmie showed up, and we simply climbed in the car and went - to Cardinal Lounge. Some food there, then home, and something rather closely resembling oblivion.

I woke up Saturday afternoon around 1:00pm, which was rather later than I'd wanted. With the waking up, and the usual dithering and washing, Timmie and I didn't make it to my parents' until around 3:00. Which still meant we had time to complete some chores around the place before needing to leave for Beth's place. We could have done more if they hadn't decided to put a halt to the work and talk, too.

Then back down the hill to Palo Alto. This was the first time I've actually been to her place - it's quite nice, though in the manner of housing for those who work 18 hour days, rather underdecorated. We hung out and talked as she cooked.

We were joined by several of her friends - Bethany, Katie, Chris, and Janine, a coworker of Katie's who's a biochem student fron Dusseldorf. Bethany's involved in Political Science - an instructor, if I have that right. Katie's kind of do-everything clerical support for a biotech startup, and Chris doesn't talk about himself much. Though I have reason to believe he was responsible for the rather excellent scotch I was sipping.

Beth cooked an extremely good meal, then spent the rest of the time apologizing for it. She's both that stressed out and that insecure. She just learned she has something due the day after Christmas, with enormous amounts of prep involved, and so is looking at missing Christmas with her family. Not a happy camper right now.

It's now my job to get her out of the house more often. And Timmie's volunteered us for repainting and decorating duties.

From her place we headed to Angela's party. This was quite a production, from the cotton candy machine to the popcorn to the pavilion to the dual luge in the graveyard. We both mostly just hung out. I got to spend some time talking to Chuck, which was cool.

We left there about 1:00am, and headed to the remains of Creekside Inn's party. I hadn't realized I'd been missing Melanie in a mini-skirted cop outfit. One of her friends (whose name I can't remember, but then I was focussing elsewhere) wanted to take her out to the Cardinal to sober up, so we tagged along.

This was the perfect people-watching hour at the Cardinal. Tons of people in all kinds of costumes recovering from evenings out.

Then home, and a return to oblivion. This time I fell asleep so fast I didn't take my glasses off. Took me a while to find them when I woke up.

Which isn't for long. I'm about to return to that sleep thing. Good morning, and good night.
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Looks like I got a couple of text messages from Devon through the LJ message interface.

Too bad I mistook them for email notifications, and deleted them before reading them....
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