October 26th, 2006


Bits Here, Bits There

I spent a typically wonderful evening at the Hamptons last night. Most of us brought sandwich fixings, except for k_magic and intrusting, who brought an excellent french onion soup.

So I spent an extremely pleasant evening gorging and talking - two of my favorite activities. In this case enhanced by the presence of the lovely and interesting princesskiti22.

Afterwards, I hung out at the HoD for a bit before getting around to seeing how thebatt's new show at the bar was doing. Apparently not so well. When I drove up at 1:00, the only vehicle in the parking lot was Paula's, and the door was closed. I opted to find out the gory details today.

So that's going to be fun.

So I went home, and fiddled, and tried to sleep without much success. For some reason I've only been able to sleep for maybe 20 minutes at a time since then. So I'm just a leetle bit out of it. Ah well.

I've done a few things, though none of what I really planned to do - either working on my absentee ballot, or shopping for costume pieces. But I have made progress with the song database lookup interface.

I also finally got through to DooWop about the missing disc - speaking of badly designed web interfaces. Apparently the Josh Groban disc I ordered is out of print. So I've ordered it from a different site, in the (probably vain) hopes they have stock. Since shipping was combined, I also ordered another one with a couple of otherwise requested songs. This company's in SoCal, so hopefully I'll have them at the beginning of next week.

And now I should clean up for the evening. Maybe do the meal thing, too. Then betake myself and my update sheets to the bar.
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