October 25th, 2006


Alone Again...

So my date for tonight called in sick yesterday. Yesterday's date called in busy, as in "Ooops, forgot!"

So I went out to Taco Bell with timenchanter for dinner last night, instead. Good company, and good inexpensive food.

The funny thing is that I wasn't really feeling all that social last night, so it was kind of a relief. Tonight I'm quite interested in dinner_and, though I'll probably be late - I was woken up half an hour ago by a phonecall from Timmie leaving work.

Which leaves the question of what I've been doing in the interim. Well, since I have so many things I vitally need to do, I decided to finally get around to putting together a karaoke web site.

Please take a look - I'm relatively proud of the results. Though I have a problem with one of the aspects of the handheld view...

There actually was a reason for me to do this. There are numerous aspects to the new bar website that are, to say the least, incomplete. I wanted to get some practice in. I'd especially wanted to play with secure feedback forms. I now have two.

Next on the list is an interactive song search. With any luck, I'll get that done before my fickle mind goes elsewhere. I just think it would be cool for people at the bar to be able to search for a song through their cell phones...

Gotta say, one of the advantages of no day job is coding naked in bed.
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