October 24th, 2006



timenchanter had some pretty good reason to be depressed yesterday, so I dragged him off to Red Lobster for fatty, deep-fried food, then off to the bar to get deep-fried. Which he managed, admirably.

Last night turned out to be a pretty good night. In fact, it made a reasonably good Sunday, so Paula is at least somewhat happy with the financial results.

We had quite a group - trivialt even showed up for a bit! sugarbare was bartending, supersniffles was there all night, and Amanda&Kacie made their Monday appearance. A very fun group that got pretty well involved.

Now if they only stopped going out for a cigarette every time I sang...

I honestly don't remember if I did 6 or 7 rounds. Either way, I finished up around 1:45am, then with the help of various people in various states of inebriation, I was done packing up by 2:10am or so.

Then I drove synkitty home, and took Timmie off to Denny's, where he purged and binged. He needs to work on his order, there.

Then some sleep. Not a lot, actually. I just kind of woke up around 8:00am, and apart from a few quick naps, I've been up ever since. Some of the eBay drama has now eased, which took up some time, but the main thing has been working on a website for the Karaoke. Which means I'm embroiled in various CSS issues, as usual. It appears to be quite difficult to make a div the height of the viewport...

One of the promptings for that was the arrival of 2 of the discs I was waiting for yesterday. There's now only one outstanding, which will hopefully arrive soon. I managed to update and mostly check the new tracks during the show last night. I was going to check a few tracks afterwards, but Timmie rather efficiently took down the TV before I could use it. Oh well.

In any case, until I have the site up and working to my satisfaction, you can look at the latest updates here, and check out the latest artist book here.

Now I need to clean up and find out if I've been stood up for the evening. Hmmm.
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