October 23rd, 2006



One of the various emails waiting for me as I emerged from unconsciousness this morning was a standard karaoke song form request.

As produced by the bar website. The one that's been down for two weeks.
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Rest In Peace

Last night's show decided to celebrate the season by being dead. OK, I'm exaggerating - it was a pretty good night for a Monday. In fact, it was so Monday-like that I didn't quite get it when Paula was complaining about the night's take.

Still, we had an extremely good time, if only because the few people that showed up were pretty awesome. mvmedic was bartending. kshandra made one of her rare appearances, and stayed all night. calicoaster and qzar_mystik came in for a couple of hours. trivialt came in for a bit, and celebrated his new part in "Oliver!". ajayav made an appearance.

The most noteworthy event was the triumphant return of lucydogstringer, which fortunately coincided with a supersniffles night.

We had fun. And also sang a lot. I almost finished 12 rounds before 2:00am. In fact, I missed by one song a promise by kizmet100 to sing whatever I gave her, no complaints or questions asked. Dammit.

Afterwards, Steven dragged us all off to Denny's, for the first major Denny's after-party in ages. We were myself, Maggie, synkitty, Steven, Cindi, William, and Kirsten. And a good time was had by all.

Then I dropped Synthia off, and headed home. Where I should have slept, but instead started doing some eBay stuff. No one had bought one of my items for weeks, suddenly two different people did - and the supplier decided they were out of stock. Which meant it was time for some research and some fairly carefully crafted emails.

Now I'm sorta, kinda up, and deciding whether to sleep some more, or start talking website design with some guy that's apparently presently supplying hosting for the new bar website.
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