October 21st, 2006

Sri Yantra

Hither and Yon

After an emergency visit to Lowe's, I was able to successfully mount the gator light as well as the can that was using its hanger.

OK, in other words, starting with Friday's Club Nemesis, KoC again has a Gator light, presently alternating with the new Gobo.

It looks coo.

Meanwhile, lynxcat's Nemesis was a huge success. Even with only 24 hours to pull it off, he was able to put together a good team of DJs and draw in a considerable crowd.

People were still dancing at 1:45.

His group also did an excellent job of decorating the place.

So that was a lot of fun. I stayed around to help shut down, grabbed some supper at the Cardinal, then went home to crash for a few hours.

Way too short hours. I had to get up early to shop for synkitty's baby shower. I managed that, and made it to the shower only 45 minutes late.

That was relatively cliquish, but hey - when your clique includes supersniffles, mvmedic, ajayav, and Jasmine, why go elsewhere?

From the shower I headed up to see my parents. I can't say I was of any use, but they fed me anyway.

From there, I was heading home to crash. So of course timenchanter had to call and invite me to peachthief's party.

Which is, of course, where I'm sitting after a rum drink and about 6 rum balls.

I'm toying with the thought of unconsciousness right now...
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