October 20th, 2006



I finally dragged myself out of the house yesterday, fortunately in time to get all I had on the checklist done.

I mean, its not like my bills are paid, or anything ridiculous like that. But I did manage to get the timer, and I did manage to get basic repair supplies at OSH. The Gator now has a brand-new 15' power cord, and I've verified I can make it work. I have to shop for a new strain-relief this afternoon, but that's no big deal.

Well, that and new light bulbs, and something to mount it with. Neither of those should be too much of a problem. Kinda interesting, though - I did some research on the bulbs last night. They're rated for 75 hours. I didn't realize anyone made a bulb that's rated for only 75 hours. If I put the thing on the same timer as the gobo, I'm going to be looking at replacing two bulbs every month. Oh well. They're only about $5 apiece.

Last night's show was, well, fun. I have no idea how the bar did. It never got particularly crowded, but we had a reasonable group of people when the show started, and people didn't leave until about 1:00. Meaning I almost got a full 5th round in.

A lot of the usual faces, including trivialt and Jason. But last night also saw the return of calicoaster and qzar_mystik, a brief appearance by cekyr0 and jeffercine, as well as Gretchen and Sara.

Gretchen apparently has a date with a guy tonight. I suspect he won't know what hit him...

timenchanter got excessively drunk, in part because of not eating dinner, and in part because he hadn't previously known about the Military Commissions Act. It didn't help his mood that a lot of the people at the bar apparently think "it can't happen here." Which is funny, 'cause it's happened before. In fact, that's what gives me hope - the country has recovered from similar things several times in the past, though not before a whole bunch of people had been jailed for being critical of the government.

Anyway, apart from the jack-booted shadow of the police state, it was a pretty positive evening.

I poured Timmie into my car, decanted him at Denny's, then added food. He actually got fairly coherent.

Then home.

Today I've hopefully finished with most of the RMA BS with the one order. Though I'm going to have to continue to ride herd on it for a while.

And that's about it. I need to do some more light shopping, and I'll be at the bar again tonight for lynxcat's re-debut.
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