October 19th, 2006

Sri Yantra


It's always amazing to me how people will engage in fruitless tug-of-wars that will never end well for them.

They may, for a time, be able to damage the people on the other side. But it always, always comes back and smacks them in the face far worse than anything they may have been able to do.
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I have a fair amount I need to get done today. Actually, a lot of it I need to get done several weeks ago.

So I'm posting.

Last night's dinner_and was a wonderful time, as usual. Among other things, it was the first time I've been able to see wissavix since her return from down under. It was a fairly low key "hang out and talk" night, which was fine with me.

Though I ate way too much, as usual. My waistline didn't stand a chance against the guacamole, the fried green tomatoes, and the sheperd's pie.

The party petered out rather early - about 9:30-ish - as everyone seemed to be feeling kinda tired. So I headed on up to the bar. We still don't have entertainment set up for Wednesdays, so it was pretty damn slow. There were about 6 people there when I got there, which I gather was the height of the evening. Theoretically, thebatt is willing to help us out there - Dustin's supposed to talk to her about that today.

Anyway, I talked to Paula about the light situation, and in return got the remains of a Gator light to attempt to fix. I'm supposed to try to get that timer this afternoon. Which means I should probably try to find someone who has it in stock...

By about 1:00, the bar was myself, Paula, Eddie, and Lynette. Well, and Squirrel. But that made for some entertaining conversation, so it was far from a loss from my perspective.

Then back home, a lot of time-wasting, and some sleep. I now need to get myself moving.

Any minute now.
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