October 18th, 2006


Wasting Time

I haven't done too much. Right now I'm working on the motivation to get dressed and shop in time for Dinner &.

At least I'm focussing on the important things.

I did some more online timer shopping. It turns out the only appropriate things I can find are both made by DJ lighting outfits - the main one being good ol' American DJ. In fact, one of the main local sources is... K&K Sound. Yeah.

I'm just starting to smell a bit of a scam here. A legal one, but a scam. The light comes with a fan for goodness' sakes, but still runs too hot to keep its light from melting down. However, one can buy this wonderful timer (for only $35! Buy three!) that will alternate between two different lights, so both will survive.

Granted, each light is only $130 or so. But you start out thinking that'll provide a continuous display, only to find that keeping the light running for more than a week means shelling out another $165. Or you can make do with only getting a display for half your evening for a mere $35.

I'll be talking to Paula after the party.

Otherwise, a little bit of eBay drama (I had to yell at someone about an RMA that's been pending for almost two weeks), a lot of webcomic reading (I'd highly recommend both Sokora Refugees and Between Two Worlds, the first rather more funny than the second), and a lot of sleep.

My new toner cartridge arrived today, so if and when the discs show up, I'll actually be able to print books. This would be a good thing.

OK, time to drag the carcass into the shower...
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