October 16th, 2006



Most of the day yesterday was spent kinda coasting. I did manage to put together some "alternative" logos for Paula, since we can't seem to find any original artwork. I'd be able to duplicate it exactly, except Paula doesn't want to shell out for the font.

So it's now good old Bitstream Vera Sans. As opposed to Plate Gothic Spartan Two Four MT, for those who care. Which would be, well... me.

What with one minor delay and another, I didn't make it to the bar until about 7:30, and didn't start the show until nearly 8:20.

The evening was pretty low-key. Janis bartended for a couple of hours, then Eddie took over for the rest of the night. It was one of those relatively high-turnover nights: Most people would stay for a couple of hours, then leave, to be replaced by someone else. The rotation hit a high of about 15, but was mostly less than that.

I went for 7 rounds, and finished at just about 1:40.

This is sounding a little more bland than it was - people were singing along, people were dancing, I was getting hugs from attractive women (hektikat, Natalie, and Sundee, to name just a few). filmbuf104 was there. By some coincidence, so was trivialt.

mvmedic came in for the early part of the evening, but left around 11:00 on some lame excuse of starting a new job in the morning. As if starting a new job tired and hung over is a bad thing. Hopefully things are going well today.

Kinda interestingly, this is one of the very few nights I've ever had in which I've gotten no tips whatsoever. Lots of hugs, compliments, and cheers, but no tips. I'm not necessarily complaining. It's just... unusual.

After the show, I did a little maintenance work. The mounting pole in front of the DJ booth will no longer rotate, so I can place the Gobo on it correctly. On the down side, the damn thing had burnt out already. I'm beginning to suspect that the American DJ brand is just no good. My major task for today is dropping by K&K and complaining.

I also checked some tracks for the song book, and made corrections. I now have several books starting to fall apart, but I need to wait for my other discs to get in before I can print new ones. At least I remembered to order some toner for those.

Then off to supersniffles's place for food, conversation, and another episode of "Dead Like Me." Follow by home, Nyquil, and sleep. Completely forgot to talk to her about the Bawdy Caste. I'll have to remember to do that tonight...

That's about it. I'm about to start "waking up", so I can maybe have some dinner and talk to K&K before tonight's show. sugarbare will be tending tonight, so I know I'll have at least one fun person to torture.
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