October 10th, 2006



I did forget to mention - one of the fallouts of the present situation, at least for the moment, is that Paula is paying me in cash at the end of each night.

Which seriously alleviates a lot of my day-to-day cash worries.

Between blankreloaded shaking down the room for cash, and the payout from Paula, I did extremely well Sunday night. I need to order me some discs.
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Travel! (Third in a set - collect them all!)

I thought I'd let everyone know - apparently, turn2nz and Stuart can't get enough of me, so they're paying to have me visit them in New Zealand. I'll be gone from the evening of November 8th to the morning of November 19th.

The show will, of course, run as usual - one way or another.

Well, assuming there's a bar to run it in, anyway.

I know this tromps on at least one event. I need to go through my calendar and notify people...
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Not The Brightest Crayon in the Box...

I really shouldn't be as amused by this as I am. Really.

I was on the phone in my room when I heard a loud crash out in the street. I looked out to see this young (18-20) woman trying to get her car out of the front of my driveway - it didn't look like she'd hit anything important, but the car wasn't responding well, and kept giving this scraping sound.

So I walked downstairs to see what was going on. Apparently she'd heard sirens, looked in her rear-view mirror, then plowed into the neighbor's garbage cans, followed by hitting the curb with her rim.

She didn't appear to be drunk or on drugs, just high on a reasonably rich quantity of stupid. Nice enough, and cute enough, but sooooo dumb.

It took a while to point out to her that her tire was off its rim, that the rim itself was badly bent, and that the piece of trash she was trying to "drive away from" was actually attached to the car (It was the plastic shield around the inside of the wheelwell - I have no idea if it has a specific name).

I honestly didn't feel in too much of a white knight mode, so I resisted any thought of changing her tire. However, I did gather up the pieces of her rear-view mirror and hubcap for her, and got her to put on her emergency blinkers. And I hung around for a bit as she called various local cousins to come help her out.

I just saw her car pull away, driven by one of the aforementioned cousins. Pull away very slowly, because somehow the other front tire is almost flat.

I also feel guilty that I regret not seeing her face when the police car pulled up.

Bad Bruce! No cookie!
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Life, or Something Like It

Last night's show kind petered out shortly after midnight. It was almost as if people wanted some sleep before the start of the work day, or something.

I ended the show around 1:00, if I remember properly - I think after 6 rotations.

Still, all-in-all, the bar did pretty reasonably for a Monday. And, since I'm being paid, so did I.

Of course, after I was no longer working, it was possible to talk to me. So Paula did.

So far I've had to deal with both bluize and Paula acting paranoid about the other. All-in-all, I'd have to say that Kris is winning the paranoia race, but Paula's doing her best to make it a close second. She just doesn't quite have the stamina.

I just want the damn bar to stay open.

With that in mind, most of today has been spent shopping. I think I have a good idea for replacement lights for the dance floor (I need to get Paula's approval), and I have a desk lamp I can use for the DJ booth. I've also made an effort to get in touch with Dani at ADR. No luck so far - hopefully they check their website's email. If not, I'll have to try another avenue.

I spent a little time at Fry's with trivialt, just hanging out.

And now I'm home. And probably just going to go to sleep shortly. The stress just wears you down.
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