October 9th, 2006

Triskell Knot


Last night's show was, well, pretty awesome. Even trivialt showed up!

We all pretty much ignored the present drama and had a good time. It was definitely odd having James back in the bar.

The place was pretty packed for a Sunday, I think mostly because of Columbus day. It was apparently the most profitably Sunday in 18 months.

Even so, the rotation wasn't too long. I ended up finishing the 6th round at about 1:57.

My personal feelings might have been slightly slanted by the number of attractive women, starting with Janis, who bartended all night. hollyk came to support the bar, but quite a number of others - princesskiti22, and Sunny, to name a couple - just happened to show up.

And then Melanie dropped by for a couple of hours after the Killers concert, which was very nice.

After the show, both timenchanter and I were hungry, so we dropped by the Mini Gourmet, then collapsed for depressingly few hours.

Today we'd promised my parents we'd be back up to work on the deck. We did a little work on that, but the main thing was clearing vegetation out of the ditches on the side of their driveway. Since their driveway is something like 200 feet long, this wasn't all that minor. So I let Timmie do most of the work, as usual.

We headed back down the hill around 3:30 or so. I was going to nap a bit before the show, but that didn't happen - bluize was coming in to take her stuff, and Paula wanted people there. She was apparently afraid Kris would start acting weird. Whatever. Kris, Kristin, and Gretchen showed up, and then we all started tearing out Kris's things.

It's amazing how much of the bar was hers. Almost all the dance floor lights are now gone, as well as two of the TVs. It wasn't too bad on the dance floor until kozmic_tar came to take the last of calicoaster's lights away. I'm supposed to go out and shop for lights with Paula on Wednesday.

That took quite a while, so I didn't get set up and start the show until around 8:25. Despite all that, it's been a pretty good night for a Monday. The rotation has varied from about 8 to about 15 so far, changing as people come and go.

And I just got a voicemail from Kris. Life continues to be interesting.
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