October 1st, 2006


Fun Stuff and Sleep

Friday night's CCF was, as usual, a whole lot of fun. The attendees were myself, misswong77, timenchanter, entropyca, yammylee, Chris, and Carol, a very attractive woman who was Lucinda's advisor, and is trying to get her to teach a class.

We broke up at the usual 7:30, then Timmie and I went in search of an object he'd been looking for. We finally dug it up at the Great Mall.

It was then time to start thinking about karaoke at Creekside Inn, so we headed down there. It was kind of old home week - for me, at least. I said hello to Mr. Bob at the door. Kathy, of course, was there, but also her mom, her sister Linda, Linda's daughter Melissa and son Scott, and a host of their friends.

I called Melanie, who decided to drop by - that was definitely fun, especially after she and Kathy dragged me into the truth-or-dare part of the evening. Though it reinforced the basic fact that I'm too damn shy.

Sadly, Gene is still going there, but behaved better than I'm used to. Eddie the bartender is another unfortunate remnant of the past, but again, he pretty much stayed out of things.

I also got to see Michelle, who used to be Selena's best friend - until Selena took herself off the map. She may show up at KoC at some point.

And that was the excitement for the evening. Well, that, and the fact that I now have another date with Melanie on Tuesday...

Saturday, I decided to beg off from everything. I've been feeling like I kind of have a cold for a few days, off and on. So I slept the day away. Not that I've needed an excuse for doing that in general, but that was my reason this time. Then I spent the evening watching YouTube copies of Animaniac episodes.

And now I'm finishing up dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, again. The frightening thing is that I just pretty much polished off the Bang-Bang Chicken and Shrimp, and I don't feel all that full...
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Drifting Again

Not a huge amount to report. I've slept, watched some more YouTube. timenchanter bought me an apple fritter and a hot tea, so I haven't had to leave my room yet.

I've finally gotten around to bagging up the various overflowing garbage receptacles in my room, so that, at least, is a little less disgusting.

mena_kissesoh1 was supposed to be out of the house "for sure" by today. There have been no indications of this. I need to give her a three-day notice, since this'll be the third month she's been here without paying rent - but with using tons of water and utilities, as well as not keeping the best track of the three-year-old destructo-kid from Hell. But I'm not feeling that energetic right now.

I was supposed to give Timmie some practice driving a stick today. I, of course, flaked getting ready for near forever (In part because of some overactivity on elynne's journal). He hasn't responded to my last two texts (What? You expect me to walk all the way over to his room?), which probably means he's been napping, which is a Good Thing. Or not. I just got a message back saying he's been waiting for me.

So maybe we'll be able to actually get some of this done before the show tonight.
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