September 28th, 2006



I made it to the Hamptons last night by about 7:00, with timenchanter in tow. It was a relatively low-key night, but wonderful as usual. I spent most of the night talking with jorgitoelcubano, which was extremely cool - it was actually the first time we'd ever spent more than 5 minutes talking.

Otherwise, I ate. Like a pig. I don't know the deal, but I swear we had 10 different types of fatty snacks and cookies. And I hogged down on all of them.

Then home and sleep. Today has been, well, OK. Rather than making it out to the county with my paperwork, I hung around the house waiting for Mario. He finally showed up around 2:30, and finished up most of his moving out. He's got movers coming out mid-October to grab the heavy stuff.

I finally got cleaned up and out the door a little before 5:00. At which time kshandra asked for a ride to and from the bar. After some back-and-forth, I picked her up at work - right across from the county building.

I was at the right place, but it was the wrong time...

From there we headed over to Valley Fair to connect with cmjfoxfyre. Unfortunately, there was no trace to be found of that most excellent individual, so we went and had dinner at Maggiano's. Excellent food. Which I also overate. I definitely seem to be having a food thing lately. Training for CCF tomorrow, I guess.

Then off to the bar. We got here pretty early, so I was in fact set up and ready to go by 8:00, and even started on time.

It's been pretty nice so far - it's certainly not crowded in here, but it's not even 9:30 yet. So far the first round is sitting at 15 people, and likely to grow.

Also, one of those is spondee, which is always a kick.
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