September 27th, 2006


On the Road Again

I didn't make it back into town last night until about 11:00. I headed straight to Splash, and met up with quite a few people.

timenchanter was there (as we'd arranged), but also Kristin, Gretchen, and of course mr_seed, valeriesparks, and La Jentra. The big surprise, though, was James Gibbs, proudly showing off his new, surgically fat-free body.

And having a wonderful time grossing out Kristin with stories about the operation and recovery.

It was "80s night," with an attached contest. The winner was Linwood, Ramond's friend that I mentioned from Monday. Not too surprising - the man is good.

I spent most of the evening flirting with Jen, which is always a kick.

Then home, and the sleep thing.

I got back on the road today a little earlier - about 1:20 - with the result that I got to the courthouse at 3:30.

Half an hour, two clerks, three lines, and $32 later, I took off back southward.

So far, traffic's been light, which is nice. I don't expect that to hold up, though. I may be a tad late for dinner &.
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