September 23rd, 2006


Catching Up

I should write this down before I forget it all.

Thursday's show was a lot of fun, if a little different. One of neo83's coworkers is getting married, so he brought the whole company out for a bachelor party. That kept us busy all night, though it didn't hugely add to the rotation, since most of them didn't sing.

Andy is one of Scott's coworkers. It was nice to see - and hear - him again. I think it's been over a year since the last time he came down.

It was a pretty busy evening, rotation-wise. I managed to fit in a fourth between 1:10 and 1:45, but as usual, that was the only short rotation all night. We had quite a host of regulars, including trivialt.

After I closed down, I headed over to supersniffles's place for some yummy food and another episode of "Dead Like Me." She made tuna gravy over rice this time. I'm actually quite fond of tuna gravy - and she makes hers from scratch.

Then home, and a little sleep. I did the "sleep for 5 hours, not really be awake for 3, then collapse again" thing - again. Which made me late to pick up timenchanter, since he now gets out (theoretically) at 4:30.

And up to beautiful Newark, where we probably spent half an hour cruising around, looking for a place to eat. We finally ended up at Outback, which was, well, a typical Outback experience: Reasonably good food at extremely good food prices. Not to mention having to deal with the names. It just seems mildly odd that the description of the "Alice Springs chicken" sounds exactly like the recipe for Jerusalem chicken...

Ah well. From there we made our way the mile or two down to the Newark Memorial High School, and did our best to try to find the theater. That took a little work. It didn't help that I went for - and parked by - the large, modern, theater-shaped building. Which was, of course, a gym/auditorium structure of some sort. Even though I've mostly grown up here, I keep forgetting the American obsession with sports.

But we were quite early, so it didn't really matter. Besides, the performance ended up late, which worked out for mvmedic. In the end, we did indeed see The Wizard of Oz. It's a cute production. I was, of course, amused that it's a theatrical adaption of the movie that's a hatchet job on the first book. But it's a good movie - and a fun adaptation.

The kids stole the show. They have a horde of young kids for dance routines, especially as munchkins. They were extremely well behaved, and went through some relatively complicated dance routines quite well. Which I'm told is all the fault of filmbuf104.

I thought I was going to go into insulin shock from teh cute.

A very good time. After the show, we schmoozed with Kevin and (of course) Natalie, who invited the three of us to the after party. So we stocked up on a little booze, and ended up at Sundee's place (She's been at the bar a couple of times). Much fun just hanging out.

She has a karaoke machine, and about 5 discs. Every now and then I'd wander into the living room and join the chorus of people singing along.

William went home at I think about 1:00. We headed out at 2:00 or so. I know that after picking up Timmie's car and eventually making it home (We were sabotaged by a closed on-ramp), I started this post at 3:36. And of course fell asleep about 3 paragraphs in.

I'd been thinking about doing Northern Faire today, but between both people that were going bowing out, and being just a tad tired, I'll be heading to my parents as usual this afternoon. Maybe next weekend...
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