September 19th, 2006


Another Monday

I finally picked up timenchanter at around 5:35 last night. We were both hungry, so we headed up to Kazoo and had a nice, quiet Japanese dinner. Kazoo's a reasonably nice place, but my main reason for going was the lotus root - it's the only place I know of in the area that serves it.

Not that lotus root is the end-all and be-all of foods, but sometimes one feels like being a lotus-eater...

We got to the bar early, and I actually started on time.

It was a pretty slow night. Those of us there had a pretty good time, but, well - I closed at around 1:30, at the end of the 12th rotation.

blankreloaded was there all night, which was fun. I haven't had the opportunity to torture him for ages. He of course returned the favor. Towards the end of the evening Paul started running up from behind the bar and giving me songs for dwo and lucydogstringer. For some reason they kept blaming Casey, even after Paul publicly admitted it a couple of times.

All in all a lot of fun, just not a huge amount of profit for the bar. Which is probably why bluize and Paula are talking about trying Tuesday instead. Which I frankly think is kinda silly, for several reasons. But one needs to make an honest effort, no?

After the show, I went and did the Carrows thing, then came home, fooled around a little bit, then crashed. I've been sort of up for a couple of hours now, and am, as usual, vainly trying to get myself to do something useful.

OK, I actually did make some changes on eBay, but nothing exactly earth-shattering.
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