September 18th, 2006


Stuff Happens

I actually did end up paying a couple of bills yesterday evening, so I at least did something positive before the show. Or at least necessary, if not positive.

As I posted, the door was locked when I got there. dancin_whitey showed up within a couple of minutes - and we then discovered that Paul was inside, setting up. I could have just knocked on the damn door...

In any case, I was largely set up on time. I didn't start until 8:20 more because (1) I didn't have much of anyone signed up, and (2) I was busy talking to people. Which, uh, probably delayed them signing up...

In any case, it was a slowish night, but far from dead. The first round finished off at 8 people, and the second at 15. We had another "changing of the guard" night. Around about 11:30, half the room left within about 10 minutes of each other. About 11:45, another couple of groups showed up.

Odd, but I'm not complaining. While there was no trivialt last night, the lovely Sunny made a reappearance. With Roy and his boy, but, well, everyone knows my focus in these things...

I ran a total of 6 rounds, ending at 1:40.

Monsieur swanhart made it out for a couple of hours, which is always nice. cybrenn also came out, continuing his celebration of release from band camp.

Will and Dianna came back, which was quite nice. The largest late-night group was led by Jahsir, who's always fun to have around - and his group was a pretty nice one.

They included this blonde girl named Jennifer, who was either drunk, or really ditzy. They forced her to sing a Mariah Carey song. Rather surprisingly, when she forgot to be self-conscious, she was a very good singer.

timenchanter got there rather late - as did celticnoor. He apparently made the mistake of ordering one of bluize's vanilla cokes at the end of the evening, and was in no state to drive. We were also worried about lucydogstringer, who we were only able to keep so long before he drove home.

I drove synkitty to her place, fed Timmie, and got him home. I also woke up 2 and a half hours later and drove him to work. He seemed to be worried about my sleep schedule, which is a laugh - I mean, I just went home and back to bed. I finally woke up around 3:00 this afternoon.

Now I should probably get myself up and ready, so I'll be prepared to reunite Timmie and Fawkes.
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