September 16th, 2006


Round and Round

I've been just a leetle bit busy, which is why I haven't posted since Thursday afternoon.

It's been an eventful, and largely trivialt-filled couple of days.

Thursday night's show was extremely busy, mostly because of calicoaster's birthday party. The bar was completely decorated in a Vegas theme, I gather at kozmic_tar's instigation. bluize is now seriously thinking of doing a casino theme night.

It was another one of those "fit in a fourth round at the very end" sort of nights. I started the fourth round at about 1:10, and finished at around 1:50.

I was pretty well exhausted, but things weren't exactly over. timenchanter and I broke the equipment down, unhooked a couple of speakers, and loaded most of it in celticnoor's SUV. What didn't fit went in my car.

Then we headed to the Denny's by the HoD. Timmie was running on no sleep, but decided that the "no food" part took some priority.

Then we tried to get the extra stuff at the house. Well, we managed except for one thing - I use a kitchen table that's kept in the garage for outside shows. It's nice and stable, and fits most of the discs.

The table was there, but the table legs were nowhere to be found. After a bit, I just decided I'd buy another folding table in the morning.

Unlike Timmie, I then got the luxury of 5 hours of sleep before heading to his department's picnic. I just had to do something about the table, so I headed to Office Depot, grabbed one of the tags for a 4' table, only to be told at the register that they were out.

I didn't have time for anything else. So we did without. Sorta. Timmie commandeered an aluminum picnic table as part of the setup.

By the time I got to the site, he had most everything set up - at least, everything but what I brought in the car. The PBCE picnic was at the Living History museum again, which is always a pleasant place.

In another twist (I swear something, somewhere, didn't want this event to happen), they didn't get the podium and amplifier they were supposed to get, so the raffle and awards were given away using my mics. This worked reasonably well, apart from the decision by the officials involved that the most dramatic place to stand was directly in front of one of my speakers. Thank goodness for feedback eliminators.

The karaoke worked better than it has in past years. Yeah, I made Timmie sing every other song for most of it, but several different people came up, most of them good singers.

I even got a little girl up, just at the end. That was cool - one of the nice things about events like that is getting the under 21 crowd to sing.

And then that part of things was over. Timmie and I tore down, dropped my car off at the HoD, then carpooled up to KoC. Kris was fortunately there early. So we rehung (and tested) the speakers, dumped the other equipment roughly in place, and headed back south to the HoD - with a BevMo stop on the way.

We changed into bluer clothes, cleaned up a little bit, grabbed some more stuff at Albertson's, and actually made it to the Sapphire party half an hour early.

That was fun in the way only a Hamptons party can be fun. And this was a large Hampton's party.

The night is a little bit of a blur, partly because of lack of sleep, but largely because of the four large glasses of raspberry martini. I talked to a whole bunch of people, gave quite a few massages, discovered what part of Sami is ticklish (Actually had her hiding in a corner and mewing twice), and gave what seemed like good advice to Stan's friend Melissa.

I was toasty enough not to be embarrassed by the fact that my one blue shirt tore at the shoulder, fairly early in the evening. Several people came up with explanations - I rather liked Keri's that it was my new, sexy, off-the-shoulder look. I personally felt that the "Bulk smash!" one fit better...

I spent a lot of time hanging around Keri, which is a very good thing. Not as much talking to wissavix as I would have liked, but such is life.

A fair amount of the night was spent surrounded by cute girls, actually. My idea of a party. Heck, Kris and Kristin made it out.

I also spent way too much time grazing. I don't really want to talk about today's weight.

I napped for a bit around 2:00, hung around until I was good and sober at 4:00, then headed out to drop of Kristi's purse at her house (She apparently needed it early this morning).

Then home, and a little bit of sleep.

Right at the moment, I'm supposed to be at my parents' house. I'm gonna be late, as usual. Today is the day we're power-washing their deck! Woo!

I'm so looking forward to it.
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