September 14th, 2006



Today has been considerably less eventful than yesterday. In fact, the biggest activity today was processing the images and writing up the post for yesterday. That took something like 4-5 hours, which is amusing, given it was just a two-hour visit.

Otherwise, it's been reading comics, staring in horror at bills, and ferrying a very stressed timenchanter around. His primary and secondary transport plans for the equipment tomorrow fell through.

Fortunately, celticnoor is providing the tertiary solution.

This is nice, 'cause I seriously need the money.

Partly because I spend way too much time in places like this...

I feel guilty because I just stuffed myself, but at least I'm finally out of snacks in my room. My weight's been holding at about 223-224 for the last week or so, and I'd really like to start back to losing.

But no so much that I didn't just finish off all my chips.
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