September 12th, 2006


The Morning After

Last night's show was simply too much fun, as I gather snafflekid will attest. We had a core group there all night - timenchanter, kizmet100, Amanda, cekyr0, and jeffercine. supersniffles only doesn't count because she got there a bit later.

trivialt did not make an appearance, though ajayav did.

There were, of course quite a few others as well. If I remember correctly, I ran 6 rounds last night - the last one ending at 1:45. So while the rotation occasionally flirted with an hour, it mostly stayed a bit under.

Amanda and Maggie originally wanted to do a Denny's run, but realized as they sobered up that Maggie had training in the morning. It turned out that Denny's was closed, anyway.

So I betook myself to good old Carrow's. I should have gone home - I fell asleep at the table twice.

I haven't done a huge amount since then, since I've mostly been sleeping on and off. Well, that, and being anxious about bills. I'm good at that. I have a serious prospect of a low-level (but survivable) income stream coming up, but it may be over two months before I see it.

So I'll probably do what I always do when I'm disturbed about money: Go out and eat an expensive dinner...
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