September 5th, 2006


The Day That Was

I've spent most of the day sleeping on and off, and I'm trying to remember back to last night...

First of all, it was pointed out to me that I've been completely remiss. trivialt was at the show all night Sunday - without a mention! He was also present for several hours of last night's show.

So there. My duty is done.

The show last night was pretty busy for a Monday. A couple of the rotations even made it up to an hour in length. I ended up running for 7 rounds before closing down - at 7 minutes to 2:00. We started to fizzle out around midnight (I was down to 8 singers for a bit), but it picked up from there as new people came in.

I got to see a few people I hadn't seen in a while - hektikat was hanging out when I got there, for one thing. I hadn't seen her with the shorter hair before. It was pretty sexy. But then, it was on her, so that goes without saying.

I got to hang out with Crystal for a little bit. Brad made a return after such a long absence that I couldn't remember his name. He was a lot of fun - as was his friend Ashley, who decided to try the suicide thing, and succeeded quite well.

Angela showed up with a cute blonde named Hoolio. Hoolio braved suicide, and promised to come back. A woman named Nancy also showed up, apparently on her own, and did a little suicide as well.

Nikki and Honey showed up for an hour or so. Between them, Angela, Hoolio, and Brad's little group, we actually had a core dancing group for a bit. bluize decreed that I should give people dance songs, which I did as best I could. Has dancing on the brain, that woman does. But I happened to agree with her this time, even though as a result I was a little more boring in my selections for supersniffles.

Two groups were the late-night show saviors. Rick brought a group of friends, including his friend Amanda, who apparently just turned 21. She seemed younger. Quite a bit younger. I actually verified with Paul that her ID had been checked.

The only name I know in the other group was Adam, who sang as "E. Nigma", and seemed surprised (and pleased) when Cindi identified him as the Riddler.

I dropped off synkitty after the show, then went and hung out at the Cardinal for a bit. Then home and sleep.

I did actually accomplish a few things today. Though I'm not sure "laundry" counts that much as an accomplishment...

Anyway, I should finish this off. The restaurant closed down half an hour ago, and I think they'd like me to go.
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