September 1st, 2006



I just woke up, which is kind of... odd. Not that I haven't been up today for quite a while - I spent several hours crafting a fairly important piece of email. And, well, sorta listlessly screwing around.

But hey, maybe now I won't be spending my time feeling exhausted. Closing down last night was much more of a chore than I'm used to.

I get the impression I wasn't the only one feeling that way, though. Last night started out with a pretty reasonable crowd, which almost completely evaporated by midnight. Sales were almost half of normal.

On the good side, after a rotation of DOOM, the returned supersniffles was able to sing two songs before I shut down at 1:20.

So, anyway, that's about it for me. I need to clean up and go find something to eat. Then maybe I can look at some bills or something - wave my hands and say "Hi bills!"...
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