August 31st, 2006

Triskell Knot

Stupid Stupid Stupid

I've long had an odd phobia associated with using a phone. Especially odd for a person that lives with an earpiece attached, but then, I hate making phone calls, not receiving them.

And hate is the wrong term. Fear isn't even right. The closest I can get to describing it is paralyzingly anxious.

It is possible I could help in several lives, including my own, if I make a couple of cold calls. Actually, not even cold calls - just unexpected calls to people I don't normally call.

If I made the calls, I might find myself involved in something very slightly larger and more complicated, or I might be told "no", which is fine as well - there shouldn't be any hard feelings, and I could just get on with life.

Instead, I'm sitting around griping about how anxious I am.

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All the crises are past, and things are generally looking up.

There are certainly things on the horizon that I'm sure will be high-stress: Larri's sure to force another adjustment hearing, the foreclosure process, the associated move, and the likely following bankruptcy. But at least I have an idea of what's likely to happen, which beats where I've been lately hands down.

I even have some possible sources of income. Not enough to make me rich, but enough to do OK, especially with the mortgage off my back.

Meanwhile, I'm having another great night at the bar. It's a slightly odd group - and a lot of them have evaporated - but everyone seems to be having fun, which is the important thing.

Think I'll do some relaxing in the next few days.
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