August 29th, 2006

Celtic Cross

An Epiphany Reduced to a Sound Bite

This is a thought that's been running around my head for at least a week.

As has been fairly clear from a lot of what I post, I'm mostly an atheist. I only say mostly because I find the notion of a god - at least a single, omniscient, omnipotent god - extremely unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely.

In many ways I'm happier without the thought of such a being. If God exists, then he/she/it is directly responsible for human nature and the state of the world, and has a lot of 'splainin' to do.

What I've been mulling over is that I have many friends that believe in such a being, and while I have a great deal of contempt for most organized religions, I have enormous respect for those friends.

And it suddenly occurred to me that I have no problem with God-loving people. I think they're wrong, but that's completely irrelevant.

However, I have nothing but contempt for God-fearing ones. And extreme distate for the thought of an all-powerful deity that would want to surround itself with such spineless sycophants.
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I had my talk with the bankruptcy attorney yesterday. I laid out my situation reasonably succinctly, I believe. His take? Wait it out, and let the mortgage company foreclose. It's too early for him to be involved. I'll walk away with no money, but since the ex-wife has a prior lien, the worst debt will be erased.

Either the mortgage company or the title company may then come after me. That's OK. That's when I should talk to him.

So at the end of all this, I'm going to be as financially clean and clear as a new-borne babe. A new-borne babe with a limited lifespan and bad knees, but hey - I'll at least not have the debt of doom hanging over me.

In the meantime, I get to sit in the HoD and dodge dunning calls. Hopefully, also, save up some money for the move.

I've sent an email on the subject to my poor real estate agent and escrow officer. I feel bad about them. I've also sent an email to my ex-wife. I don't feel bad about her at all. I shouldn't - she's looking at a huge chunk of money in the near future.

So there's the financial news - the HoD endures.
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Party Times

If you weren't at the bar last night, you missed out on one hell of a good party. It was the most fun suicide night I've seen there in ages.

The rotation stayed at around an hour for most of the night. I was going to close up after 5 rounds, which turned out to be 1:00. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I did an extra round.

As I sang the first song of the last round, almost everyone came up to me and started tucking dollar bills in my clothing. It was hard maintaining focus when I had some guy I didn't even know trying to tuck a bill in my fly...

Part of the fun was the fact that Amanda was there all night. She's always a good time. And she and timenchanter got sooooo drunk...

Amanda, kizmet100, markobellydance, Timmie and I then took the party to Denny's.

Afterwards I headed home and tried to do something useful. I managed to write up the letter to my agent, but crashed out when trying to compose the one to Larri.

Today I got up in time to get mena_kissesoh1 to a couple of court-related appointments. I managed to finish off the draft of the Larri letter while waiting in parking lots, and sent it off in late afternoon.

I've been a bit at loose ends since then. I need to work on a write-up of what the bar owes me, and get some rest. After all the stress of the last two weeks, I think I may be coming down with something.
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