August 23rd, 2006


Some Good

Focussing on the good:

Beth took me out to a very nice dinner last night at the Straits in Mountain View. This was especially nice because she's working 16-20 hour days right now, trying to make an October 2nd deadline, and took the time out to talk with me.

We of course mostly talked about my situation, but also mostly about solutions. Both her parents are in real estate back east, and she's contact them about it. Of course, the advice from her dad has been less than cogent to my situation, but hey. It was well meant.

Larri sent a relatively conciliatory letter this morning, asking for personal, rather than financial reasons why she should accept $40K. I spent this morning trying to write a reasonable response. I'm curious how she'll react. OK, I'm nervous as fuck about how she'll react.

Depending on her response, there's a remote chance we might actually be able to rekindle some level of friendship. That would be nice. There are a lot of things that I've been unhappy about with her, and we were definitely not good for each other as a couple, but there are also aspects to her that I miss. Becoming friends again would be nice.

Then there's the rest of things. My "people" for some reason think it would be a good thing to dig up the refinance's title company, and find out why they didn't catch the lien. I'm not sure any good will come of that, but it's something I'll pursue when people get back from lunch.

Beth had me contact the Silicon Valley Fair Housing Project. I emailed them last night, and haven't heard back. She made me promise to call them if they didn't contact me, so that's next. The hope is that I'll at least get a reference to someone I can talk to.

And all of this would be a lot easier if I hadn't been up all night, trying to handle the eBay fiasco. It took all night because I spent a great deal of time trying to find an alternate source for the same items, with no luck. Then I tried to find something in eBay's help that covers the situation. Also no luck.

So I've refunded their money, sorta. Since I hadn't gotten mine back yet, there wasn't enough to cover both of them. And I either checked the wrong thing, or the credit card I added didn't take, so the second one got an eCheck. The poor guy's been waiting since the 11th, and he gets an eCheck refund. And there's no way I can cancel the transaction and try something else.

They're going to crucify me.

I am so tired. And all I really want to do is run very far away.

Today, by the way, is much more of an implodey rather than an explodey day. Just so everyone knows.
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