August 21st, 2006

Dragon K

Bearing Bad News

I am so panicky about talking to my mortgage company right now.

I mean, "on the verge of a panic attack" panicky. I've been procrastinating like crazy. Well, looking at this post as I type, I'm still procrastinating like crazy.

I don't expect them to be particularly nasty or anything. But the response to this call could easily determine the shape of the rest of my life - and none of it in a good way.

It could range from OK to very, very, very bad.

Scratch that. It could range from OK to very, very, very, very, very, very bad.
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Triskell Knot

Ummm... What?

OK. I just had one of the single most confusing phone calls of my life. And I think the result is that they're starting foreclosure proceedings, but I'm not sure. They may be putting in a claim to their title company, but I'm not sure of that, either.

So, yes, I finally called my mortgage company. And the resolution is completely unclear. She may have been telling me that she can't reduce the amount until the title claim goes through, which is the most sensible of the interpretations.

But I couldn't get a straight answer out of her. In fact, mostly, it seemed that she was telling me that the only process that would function would be foreclosure. Except that every time I asked her if that's what she was saying, she'd back off and mumble.

The phone call ended when I finally said something about how I was glad to know what they could do to protect themselves, I wanted to know what I could do.

The answer? "Get legal advice."

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